How Safe Is Your Vessel?

Elford Bio Clean offers a range of cleansing and pest control services to the owners or operators of all sizes of marine vessels, whether it is a cabin cruiser, sailing boat or ship. We can provide our services on a call out basis or on a pre-arranged date and time at a number of ports and marinas along the Devon, Dorset and Hampshire coast.

As qualified pest control officers we can provide an excellent rodent and insect eradication service covering all areas of a vessel, and can undertake onboard pest control audits should these be required by the relevant authorities, prior to onward transit.

Our company offers a full range of sanitisation and infection control service for all accommodation, public, work and food preparation areas to provide the reassurance of a clean and healthy environment for staff, visitors and owners.

Elford Bio Clean’s sanitiser can be fogged and sprayed to ensure all contact surfaces are clean and safe, and greatly reduces the risk of a bacteria build up which can act as an increased threat to the health of those on board. This provides a much greater level of infection control.

Our sanitising service can be arranged for any time during mooring or perhaps prior to the vessel’s departure or following its arrival. Bleach has long been recognised as an effective bacteria control agent, however, bleach has a log kill factor of 1 e.g. just 99.90%. Elford Bio Clean’s NHS approved sanitiser is amongst the newest and most effective infection control agent available. It has a log kill factor of 6 which ensures a kill rate of 99.999999%, this is the level of sanitisation used by the NHS for operating theatres and is far in excess of bleach, but without any risk to humans, animals or the environment.

Elford Bio Clean has been featured in an excellent article in the highly respected and influential Maritime Medical International magazine, a copy of which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Maritime Medical International - December 2010 Issue

Maritime Medical International - December 2010 Issue
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